Ar. Norzaini Mufti
Zaini is the founding Director and current Managing Director of ZSR. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Zaini attended high school in Sekolah Alam Shah, a government residential school at the fringe of Kuala Lumpur. After attending preparatory college in Shah Alam for two years, he obtained Bachelor of Environmental Design (1989) from Texas A&M University, College Station and Master of Architecture (1992) from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, both in the USA. In between the degrees, Zaini had a short stint working in California. Back in Malaysia in 1993, Zaini started his architecture career in a practice owned by a close relative and after seven eventful years, in year 2000, decided to venture out on his own. Obtained his architectural registration in 2004 and interior design registration in 2010, and has since spearhead Zaini Mufti Architect and subsequently Z&SR Architectural Ventures sdn bhd since 2006. Having overseen the office grew from inception to currently having 30 personnel, Zaini emphasizes personal development of everybody in the office and take it as a daily challenge to increase collective efficiency of the office. Over the years, Zaini spent some time at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur as tutor of design studio and professional practice class, served as external jury for various institutions and he is currently a member of PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) Education committee and Awards, Competition & Events committee. Zaini was chosen as one of 2013 100 Architects Award recipient by Korean Institute of Architects and participated in 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.

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Ar. Norzaini Mufti
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