This journey started 12 years ago. Was I pushed into it or was it a conscious & calculated decision? I really do not have an answer but certainly there are no regrets. It wasn’t easy and it is still very challenging but I’m too deep in it to even consider any other options. This is just me, Zaini Mufti, telling little stories and sharing thoughts with friends, colleagues, peers and those dear to me. But of course you have an option of not reading this, and I will not be remotely offended if you don’t. The first few years were stressful and lonely journey. Entrepreneurship is as depressing as it is exciting. Doubters were aplenty and even self-doubt sometimes crept in.

Along this treacherous adventure of operating an architectural practice, I have crossed paths with many. There are clients, fellow consultants, the authorities, brokers, staff, business associates, collaborators and others. Some are admirable, some are tolerable, some are decent and or course, some are outright disgusting. To our clients, who have supported us over the years, who have repeatedly provided us the opportunities to work on your projects, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are just normal people without any privileged connections and bloodlines, thus, we really appreciate the opportunities which have helped us grow as a business. To our potential clients, please check us out, ask around about our track record. We don’t claim to be perfect but we know what we are doing and we take pride of our work and hope you can give us a chance to prove our worth to your organization.

To my staff and those who have passed the annals of ZSR office, I hope you have no regrets too. The first seven years of my career were spent in an organization owned by a family member. But when I reached a crossroad where I realized that I did not agree on how things were done, I know that I had to leave instead of hoping that things will change to my way. It’s the same here at ZSR. The two Directors of ZSR share a vision of how things are being done and we will utilize our individual’s skills, knowledge, strengths and capabilities to achieve ZSR’s goals. We provide guidance, exposure and benefits to members of our team but as in any other commercial arrangements, we do expect something in return. We expect commitment, hard work, respect and accountability. We want our staff to be proud to work here and as soon as you loose than pride, please look up other opportunities elsewhere. You, like everyone else, deserve to be happy.

I once asked a prominent Malaysian architect about his exit plan, since he has built up a very successful practice over the years, and financials is no longer a relevant matter in his decision to continue practicing. His answer to me was, Architects do not retire, they just die. As morbid as it sounded, there is a brutal truth in that statement. As I moved into the second decade of practice, I can’t deny that the question of where this is heading occur from time to time. After spending twenty years in a profession, those working in organizations think entrepreneurship is exciting and those operating their own businesses wish they have that job with glamorous title, plush office and five figure salary. As conclusion, no one is in a perfect situation but we must always be humble and thankful where we are. I often remind others and myself that even if you earn 5 times more than the next guy, you are not 5 times smarter than him. You just had better opportunities. I wish everybody good health, rezki aplenty and unlimited happiness.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.


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