Another Ramadhan and Syawal have passed and am thankful to the Almighty that we meetagain. Last 12 months for ZSR have been eventful and full of trials and tribulations. No days were the same and that made life more interesting, hair grow thinner & greyer and add wrinkles to our faces. As a commercial entity, it has been one of the better years for ZSR. We have been blessed with work that keeps the team busy and more importantly, that pays. ZSR team is growing and we are providing opportunities to more personnel who share our vision and work ethics and willing to take the challenge of working with me! There might be some surprises on how the team will look like by next Syawal.

As Principal and Directors, we always wonder if we are doing the right thing. When do we push for growth and expansion and when do we just stay where we are? Is running a business like riding a bicycle – the moment you stop peddling, you will surely fall? As lethargy and contentment sometimes set in, I always try to remind myself the things that make all the hardwork and headache still worthwhile: 1. Together with my better half (who is very successful in her own rights), we are able to provide our children a better childhood than ours, 2. The Directors are provided opportunities for a better life compared to being in employment, the business provides flexibility of time and resources for us to pursue causes closest to our hearts, 3. We are able to provide the infrastructure and environment for ZSR team members to improve themselves and be a valuable resource to the industry and even better person, 4. To show a bit more of the world to ZSR team members (the flying hours are getting a bit longer for our company trips!), 5. Provide some assistance to members of the community who needs them and 6. In the long term, we hope to build the ZSR brand to one which is closely associated with quality, honesty and integrity.

Architecture and the business of it is such a long haul game which demand perseverance and stamina. I thank God and those closest and dearest to me whom in one way or another has contributed and assisted me to get where I am today. I remind myself first, my family, partners, associates, colleagues, employees, peers and everyone in general that we should never take anything for granted, as the good times, just like the bad times, will always passed. Share till it hurts because we will all end just like when we started …. with nothing. Myself, like most of us, always pray to God for forgiveness and rezki aplenty, but let’s be fair to the Almighty, be good and work hard and make it hard for the boss not to answer our prayers. Till we meet again, I can be reached at and 019-511 1010.

Not failure, but low aim, is a crime – James Russell Lowell