Salam and Greetings to all my friends. We meet again in the 7th edition of ZSR notebook.

People say time flies when you are having fun. Time sure has passed by rather quickly and most part of it was good fun. Nonetheless of late, there were many sad and unfortunate events going on in many parts of the world. As much as we must feel for our fellow mankind, we can’t let all the negativity to affect us all the time. We do what we can, we thank God for being at a better & safer place and make the best of our situation for all those around us.

On a personal note, I lost my father 20 years ago. Although death is part of life cycle, the regrets I have is that my late father did not get to meet my my children and he is not around to see who I am today. My late father lost his parents early, grew up in humble & challenging environment and together with my mother, tried to provide the best they can for the six of us.

The message I am putting forth here is we live in a country where possibilities are in abundance and success is not a privillege for the elite few. Though there are many grumbling noises saying that success is dependent on family lineage, race, know who, bribery, political affiliation etc., I beg to differ. Our business environment is not perfect but it does provide opportunities for the masses.

I meet many young people during my time spent tutoring part time in a KL based public university and among my staff in ZSR office. Some are enthusiastic and can’t wait to take on the world, some are reluctant to grow out of the comfort of their wealthy families, some are going with the flow and of course there are those who feels everything is wrong in this country and the world owes them a lot. My advice is…. Be decisive and commit yourself to what you believe in!! All the complaints will not do you any good. Work out a way to excel in the environment you choose to be in.

In this last 12 months, ZSR has appointed a new Director. Our strength now is 3 Directors who are Registered Architects, 7 Architects and total staff of 25 personnel, 2 of whom have been with me for the last 10 years. The office enjoys a good balance of projects under construction and new projects being proposed. We believe we are on the right track with a competent team and we are ready for the next step forward. ZSR hopes to enlarge its clientele base and seek opportunities to work on more varied products.

As the one who is spearheading ZSR, I would like to record my utmost gratitude to my respected clients who have given us the opportunities to share the architecture we believe in and to our fellow consultants who have together worked tirelessly to serve our clients. Till next time.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."